Schedule Update

Hi everyone,

Some have come forward with scheduling issues.  I will try to accommodate changes where possible, but I may not be able to as there are so many inter-dependencies (volunteer/instructor availability and capability, accommodating athletes’ different abilities, etc.) especially this challenging season.

At best, our schedule is a house of cards – make one change and it can fall apart.  This is the cost of providing so many options for participating (we always serve more athletes than any other local program).  We try, whenever we can, to give you the first preference you indicated when you registered on our database.  To those whom I could not accommodate, I apologize.

We are asking a lot of our volunteers to deliver this program and I know that I have committed them to a high level of effort.  In every case, we try to match the volunteers with the best skills to accommodate our athletes.  Thank you each and every volunteer for stepping up to make all this possible.

The next version of the schedule will be posted tomorrow afternoon.  This is the final version.  After that, we will have to live with it.

Al McLarty
Training and Scheduling Coordinator


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