Become a Volunteer

Types of Volunteers

We have need of a range of help in running our program.  We need people on the snow helping with our athletes and behind the scenes helping us keep our program running.


If you can ski at a strong intermediate level and want to help out on the hill, you can sign up to work with a trained instructor.  If you already have experience (and certification) as a ski instructor, you will be able to progress quickly to more challenging roles.  We will provide you with the training you require.


Our program is complex and we need a lot of administrative help to keep it going.  You can help with everything from book-keeping, fund-raising, and organizing social events to registration and scheduling.  Whatever your gift, we can probably find a role for you.

Why Become a Volunteer

Our program is made possible through our volunteers and the more volunteers we have, the more skiers and snowboarders we can serve.  There are three main reasons to volunteer:

        •  You make a truly important difference in the lives of people who really appreciate what you do.
        •  The experience is very fulfilling when you realize just how much of a difference you make.
        •   Volunteering is FUN!

When you join our program as a volunteer, you join a close-knit group who like to ski, like to help others, and like to be together.  You will be part of a dedicated team who “sweat the small stuff” to deliver safe and successful adaptive ski lessons.  Most of all, we are in the “smile” business! . . . And we see a lot of them!

We even play together (from time to time).  You can join the season ending bus trip to Mont Avila for a fun day of spring skiing, or some of our impromptu social events.  (Trivia Night is becoming popular).

Training and Certification

We love to deliver training!  When you join, you can rest assured that we will get you well prepared for your new role.  We offer multiple options including all-day sessions and small workshops.  Depending upon the weather conditions, we usually begin this training well before Christmas (normally the weekend in mid-December).

We will team you up with experienced, well-trained lead instructors who will help you to develop the confidence to take on more challenging situations and to develop the skills so that your athletes are safe, have fun and learn to ski!  You even have access to ski improvement training led by highly qualified instructors, if you want.

If you catch the CADS “bug” like most of us did, you may want to earn your CADS instructor certification.  We offer Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses within the National Capital Division and will provide additional training to get you ready.  Again, certification will be at no cost to you.