Substitute Instructor Policy

Policy Statement

The CADS Mount Pakenham Adaptive Snowsports program runs off a single master schedule that is prepared at the beginning of the season and remains in place for the duration.  If a volunteer or instructor is unavailable on a given day or for a given lesson, it is that person’s responsibility to find a suitable replacement.


This policy applies to all lead and second instructors/volunteers.

The most common team configuration is a lead and a second instructor pairing for each athlete.  This is considered the optimal arrangement to provide support to the athlete and to ensure safety on the hill.  Sometimes a third volunteer is assigned, usually based on availability, which affords some flexibility in the management of the lesson.

In normal circumstances, if a third person is assigned to the volunteer team, that person could move up to fulfill the role of a missing second.  Qualified seconds could move up to fulfill the role of a missing lead.  You should consider making use of this flexibility to cover absences, but always in full consultation with other members of the team.

Finding a Replacement

The preferred (and likely most effective) approach is to identify specific individuals and approach them directly rather than to broadcast your need to everyone.  Email or telephone is usually the best means of communication.  Do not leave posts on the website as these are not actively monitored.

Check the Schedule

The best approach is to target individuals who have the qualifications and experience that match your athlete’s needs.  The schedule will help you to identify who might be available from across all program days.  If you are uncertain if someone is suitable, you may seek advice from the Program Coordinator, Operations Manager, or Scheduler.

Locating Contact Information

The Snowline Club Manager portal contains contact information for all volunteer instructors and athletes.  Log on using your Snowline User ID and password.

From the home page, select the “Instructor” menu and then select “Contact List”.


A new page will open but will contain no contact information.  You must refresh the page in order to view contact information.  First, select “Instructor” from the Member Type drop-down menu.

Then, click “REFRESH”.

A list of instructors and their contact information will be displayed.

The Last Resort – Cancel and Reschedule

If you are unable to find a replacement, you may have to negotiate an alternate date and time with your athlete and lead or second instructor.