Lesson Ledger Proof Page

The registrar has created a new section on the web site skiingisforeveryone.com which replicates the three-ring binder we used to use to record lesson outcomes and athlete progress.  A link to it can be found under “2022 Season Schedule” on the “Operations” menu.

Instructions for Use

Accessing the Binder

When you click on the link, you will be taken to the website.

Log in with the username and password the registrar provided to you.  You will be taken to a page with a list of all registered athletes.

The Controls

At the left of each record, there is a set of icons.  These provide you with access to perform certain functions.


This icon will give you access to the master record for the athlete where you can record all the details about your student, your assessment and master lesson plan, instructor team etc.

View Record

This will provide you with a read-only view of the master record.

Show Details

This will launch a table with four tabs across the top.  Here is where you can review, edit, add, or delete specific items on the master record.  The “History” tab gives you access to scanned images of the old hand-written binder information from previous years (where they exist).  Use this view to make lesson log entries, edit instructor teams, and add photos throughout the season.

Other Controls

There are four other icons, each of which gives you a visual indication of the number of records which exist for category.  Clicking on the icon will take you to the associated tab on the details table.

Editing the Master Record

Using the Master Record

The Binder application has been designed so that, once set up, you should only have to return to the master record page on rare occasions.  Most of the features of this page can be accessed using controls in the list view.

Once-only Required Fields

When you first create the record It will be pre-populated with information from the athlete’s registration record.  You will need to select the lesson day.  You may also select the “Text” field if you know that the contact person’s phone has this capability.  You may change these settings at any time.


You can use the assessment controls to make a high-level assessment of your athlete.  These can be changed as you learn more about your student over the course of the season.

In the text fields, you can capture more details about your assessment of the athlete and the learning contract.  Generally, these should be done once, at the beginning of the season, and progress and changes should be captured in the Lesson Log.

Self Describe Information

There are two additional fields on this page where the applicant describes the athlete from their perspective.  This information comes from the registration record and should not be edited.

Lesson History

A complete lesson history for the student is displayed here.  You may edit, add, or delete lesson records here.  Use the “Show Details” table to add new entries throughout the season.

Instructor Team

You can edit, add, or delete an instructor team for this athlete.  Since we schedule the same instructor team for the duration of the season it should not be necessary to add any new teams during a given season.  Add a new team only at the beginning of each season.

You can edit an existing team by clicking on the icon to the left of the record.

Simply select the instructor name from the drop-down list, then save the changes by either clicking the check mark, or Save All.

Adding a Photo

Select “Add” on the section header, then attach your file.  NOTE: photos taken on a modern smartphone can be too large for upload.  Please reduce them to no larger than 1920×1200 pixels.

Saving and Exiting

At the end of your session, save your work using the button at the bottom left of the page.  You can return to the list by clicking “Back to list”.