Meeting Agenda – March 24, 2019


507 Pennycross Lane, Carp

Main Agenda

2019 Season Overview (All)

Round table review by all.

Communications, Social Media, Marketing & Web Presence (Al, Amber)

Al will provide a detailed demonstration of the new website and lead a discussion of what next to do with it.

Amber will review our communications, social media and marketing efforts to date and lead a discussion on where we should go with it moving forward.

Budget Update (Miranda)

Miranda will update us on the budget performance.

Fund Raising (Erin)

Erin will update us on our fundraising campaign.

Year-End Party and Skill-a-Thon (Amy)

A recap of the the end of year event and a discussion of future plans.

School Program (Sue)

Review by Sue Timmins.

CADS MPK Director’s Update (Allan, Amber)

Allan Braun (out-going) and Amber Corby (in-coming) will provide review of the 2018-19 season and plans for the 2019-20 season. This will include a review of the End-of-Season report to NCD.

Registration (Dave)

Dave Hoffman will provide a review of the 2019 registration process and lead a discussion on how to approach registration for the 2020 season.

Equipment and Facilities(Col D)

Colonel D will provide an update on the 2019 season and lead a discussion on future plans.

Operations, Scheduling and Training (Al, Col D)

Al and Colonel D will provide a recap of the 2019 season and lead a discussion on future plans.  Including:

    • 2018/19 restructured pre-season/in-season training program
    • New sitski tetherer & blocker Quick Reference Guide

Branding (Miranda, Col D)

  • Management Team signature blocks and business cards – Col D
  • Clothing update – Miranda

Adaptive Lessons Through MPK Ski School (Al)

Al will lead a discussion of how CADS certified instructors might provide adaptive lessons through the Mount Pakenham Snow School.

Other Business (All)

Record of Discussions & Next Meeting (Miranda)