Ski-In-Schools Program – Volunteer Page

How Ski-in-Schools Works

Each year, schools in the area plan one or more ski trips to Mount Pakenham.  When they need help with adaptive skiing or snowboarding they contact the CADS Mount Pakenham Ski-in-Schools coordinator providing the date(s), number of students, and the type of help needed.  The coordinator then needs to line up the resources required to support the school’s request.


We have step up three (3) tools to facilitate the identification and scheduling of volunteer resources to support the program.

  1.  The Planning Calendar (below),
  2.  A Gmail account and Google Calendar (, and
  3.  A registration form (at the bottom of this page) for available volunteers to indicate their availability to the coordinator.

The administrator of this website will enter the name of the school and the date of the visit in the Planning Calendar.  This will provide a quick visual reference for anyone who would be interested in helping out.  If you feel that you could help out please complete the form and submit it.  If you are interested in specific dates, you may indicate this in the “Comments” field on the form.

When you submit the form you will receive an acknowledgement by email, a notification will be sent to the Gmail account, and the administrator of this website will add your contact information to the Google Contacts list for that account.

The coordinator will create an event in the calendar for each school trip and invite volunteers listed in the Contacts list.  Once you receive the invitation, please either “Accept” or “Decline” the invitation.  If you accept the invitation, the event will appear in your personal calendar.  If you decline, this will be a signal to the coordinator that you are not able to help with that event.  The coordinator can include any special information or instructions in the “Description” field of the Calendar invitation form.

Planning Calendar